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Thursday, February 18, 2010

And Finally, the Dress...

Jill and Garrett's wedding was January 30th... here I am in my handmade aNGrYGiRL Gear bridesmaid dress, walking down the aisle...

I told her I was going to wear my monster boots and black and purple striped leggings with the dress. I did not lie ;) Silly little freak that I am.

So yeah, that's it. You can stop laughing now :D

Thursday, January 21, 2010

aNGrYGiRL Gear on Front Page of Etsy

Finally!! Hahah... I haven't been on the front page in almost a year. I was beginning to think Etsy hated me ;)

The treasury was curated by the lovely Wintergarden. She has a bit of a "bondage" side that I've come to appreciate!

Thank you, Wintergarden, for the treasury inclusion, and congratulations on your front page treasury.

It does have SOMETHING to do with DiY...

As some of you know, I'm a bit of a geek. And I love geeky computer things. This week at work has been particularly geeky, and I'm especially proud of this geekiness because I *Did It Myself*...

I got a server rack at work... I desperately needed one. I've been setting up my servers anywhere I had space - on tables, on shelves... any horizontal space would do. I've asked for a server rack many times but there was never any budget for it. Then magically, three weeks ago, the Server Rack Fairy appeared with 30 or so really old racks from an EDS data center that had just been torn down. Sure, they were old and ugly, but I jumped at the offer when one of them was offered to me.

I picked my rack from the bunch, stripped it down (it was messy - very hastily unracked), cleaned it up, racked up the new servers, cabled the rack with power, ethernet, scsi and KVM... and here is the result of my labor:

I still have to tie the cables down to the side of the rack, so they look neat, and then close the rack and move it up against the wall, but for the most part its done...

And I did it myself :) First time ever, I might add.

I'm geeked as shit... hahaha...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The aNGrY Dress Part 1 - The Petticoat

I've been asked to be the Maid of Honor (Matron?) at my girlfriend's wedding on January 30th. She was hesitant to ask, because that meant I'd have to wear a dress... and she didn't know if I'd be willing to do that or not... hahah. She did give me several concessions that made it worth my while to accept - it could be any dress I want, it had to be black (whoot) and I could make it myself if I wanted. Which of course, I wanted.

I'd mocked up the dress itself in muslin, but before I could do any further work on the dress design, I had to get the petticoat done. It turned out to be an easy enough task, except for having to wrangle around 10 yards of tulle and lace. I have waaay more appreciation for Jinx the tutu queen (MTCoffinz.etsy.com) now that I've wrestled with the tulle ;)

I wanted the tulle to be hidden under the lace. I'm not a big fan of tulle, so I thought the lace might make a nicer front face. I basically made three patterns - a 12.5 X 9 inch rectangle for the top (yoke) tier, a looooonger 20 X 23 inch rectangle for the middle tier, and a smaller 20 X 12 rectangle for the third tier.

I cut two of the first yoke tier pattern on the fold along the 9 inch side, and sewed them together to form a circle, again with the seam on the 9 inch side. I serged the top edge, then folded it under about an inch and a half. I sewed it around the edge to form the elastic pocket, and threaded the elastic through.

For the tulle underlayer, I cut 3 of the second tier pattern on the fold on the 23 inch side, and sewed them together. Then cut 6 of the third tier pattern on the fold on the 12 inch side, and sewed them together. I gathered the top of the third tier and sewed it to the second tier. I then pinned it loosely to the yoke so I could test the length...

For the lace top layer, I used the same patterns in the same manner as above, except that I cut a continuous piece from the lace for the full length of each tier, as I did not want a lot of seams showing on the lace. I'd cut out one piece of the pattern, then move the pattern over and keep cutting, until I'd move the pattern 6 times for the second tier, and 12 times for the bottom tier. This took about 10 yards of lace. I used the scalloped selvage on the lace as the bottom hem for the third tier. Might as well use what's already provided :D

I gathered and sewed the lace layer the same way as the tulle, then I gathered both the lace layer and the tulle layer at their top, then sewed both to the yoke bottom. This was a LOT of work to keep straight, as you can see:

So here is the *finished* petticoat. I say *finished* because it turned out to be about 1.5 inches too long for me, so I have to adjust the yoke tier for that. Also, I haven't finished the seam between the yoke tier and the lace/tulle. It's all sewed up, but not serged and topstitched yet, as I think I might want to add another underlayer of black broadcloth to make the petticoat opaque. I haven't decided yet.

It's still pretty damn angry...

The dress is next :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - A New Year... So what???

I don't generally "do" New Year's resolutions. To me, January 1 is not a magical day of change... any day can be that day. It just so happens that its a new year, and I have a new blog, so I guess we can call this a "resolution" - I'm going to (re)start blogging... pretty much about anything I want.

For those few of you who follow(ed) my angrylittledeadgirl blog, you know I can be quite the ranter and raver. I have a soapbox as big as Texas, and I like to get on it a lot, when in the proper forum. Perhaps this will be that forum, perhaps not. It may be time for me to revive that blog... we shall see.

At any rate, for now, this is the blog home of aNGrYGiRL Gear. I'm looking to update this blog with DiY schtuffs (not just mine, but other's I've bought/traded with as well), hot women (in DiY of course hehe), rantings and ravings, sale information, updates on my journey to a new body, perhaps some tutorials... heck, who knows. I sure don't. I suppose I'll know more tomorrow.